Atlantis Prime

Atlantis Prime website:

Atlantis Prime is a third-person platformer for PC and web, designed for students to make connections between STEM and computing. The game teaches concepts of math, science, technology and programming in the language Robot-C.

My work on this project was mainly in developing the programming challenges found in the game. In Atlantis Prime, players can control a submarine to move around and complete objectives. Driving the submarine is through Robot-C commands that are input via the Programming Interface, a graphical environment where students can build programs using blocks of instructions.

When I joined the development team as a summer intern, some of the old code was using Unity’s old GUI class (now deprecated), but was part of the core logic from earlier projects. One of my tasks was developing a UI tool that makes our interface look the same across different devices and resolutions, similar to the new Canvas UI, and can be re-used on future projects. I extended the programming interface by adding new commands and testing their usability in the submarine challenges. I also worked on some of the mini-games and integrated them into our 3 levels of Atlantis.


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